Introductions Please


On Valentine's Day, I shared a picture with you of someone who I have not "properly" introduced. You definitely guessed that the child in the photograph was not Jake...obviously...because, well, the picture is of a girl which he is definitely not.

And no, this is not my second child that I've never mentioned before...

but she "almost" could be seeing how she belongs to my sister.

She is my brown-headed, green-eyed, niece.

Her name is Emily, but she will also respond if she is called Em, Emmy, Emmy Boo, or Boo Bear (which only my sister calls her and I'm sure stemmed from Emmy Boo).

She is over-the-top energetic.

She is 4 years and 7 months old.

She has wavy, almost curly hair.

She is (one of) Jake's best "fwiends."

She has more clothes in her closet than I do (Seriously, she does. And if you knew my sister, this would not surprise you at all).

She is a cheerleader at her school (and is very good at it, I hear).

She was hardly on a schedule and was more of a "power napper" as an infant.

She can write every letter in the alphabet but is still working on knowing which letters to capitalize when writing her name, etc.

She has the biggest goldfish I have ever seen thrive in a home aquarium and a cat named Fred.

She is the first of my parents' two grandchildren.

She has one of the best mommies in the world.

She has the most adorable pair of cowgirl boots I have ever seen (pictures of those will follow, I promise).

She is a non-eater of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

She is quick to let me know if Jake's not sharing.

She loves the outdoors and is so not afraid to get dirty which makes her daddy proud.

She loves her Hula dancer outfit that we brought back to her from Hawaii and rocks it out better than any dancer we saw in one the whole time we were there.

She has the most mesmerising pair of eyes and eyelashes, and I'm completely jealous of them.

She is loved, and she is special.

She is truly unique and makes our family unique, and none of us would be the same without her in our lives.

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