So much to do...


and so little time to do it in. That's what I'm facing this week in a major way. I literally have "To Do" lists for my "To Do" lists. That sounds crazy to say, but take my word for it...I do.

The problem is that some of what's on my lists to be done, can't be done until Saturday morning because it's all guessed it...Jake's big birthday bash we have planned. This drives me to the point of right. about. crazy! It's so hard to explain, but I'm hoping some of you who read this are the same way. I'm just the type of person who becomes overwhelmed when there is so much to do, yet there's nothing I can actually do to get it done.

But on top of what can't be done (until at least Saturday morning), there is still much that can be done. See, not only do we have the upcoming birthday party (which is going to be at my parent's house...which is out of town...which leads to packing for at least one overnight stay), Jim and I also have a date day/overnight date planned for Friday. These don't come around extremely often in our house, so I completley feel like I'm planning for not just one major event, but two (in a good way, though).

So looking back to about Monday of this week, I think I officially boarded the "Crazy Boat" and have been running around like mad ever since. Jim...not so much. But he is currently sitting in our living room putting together party favor bags (which I have already thanked him for doing...several times) for Jake's birthday party that will take place tomorrow at his preschool. (Check.)

I'm just hoping with all that's still left for me to do in the days ahead, that I'll find time to breathe and take it all in.

Hmmm...maybe I should put that on my "To Do" list.

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