Take Two


Today we did a "Take Two" and went outside to play (for as long as we could bear it) regardless of the temperature gauge showing 33 degrees. It seemed like the temperature was much more tolerable this time, though - either that or we were more prepared...me having a hat and scarf on and both of us wearing gloves.

We definitely lasted much longer than I thought, and neither of us was miserably cold.

In fact, we were all smiles as we played on Jake's swing set, kicked balls all over our back yard, and rough-housed with our two dogs.

And while Jake and I ignored the freezing temps and played for nearly an hour, Jim stayed indoors and cooked red beans and rice for dinner.

In this case, the second time was definitely the charm! Thank you, Jake, for a fun afternoon outside. Your smile warms my heart, even on the coldest days.

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