Tonight I am super tired, so I've decided to make this post one that doesn't exert too much energy or take a whole lot of brain power...since I really don't have much of either at this point.

I'm not exactly sure why I'm so tired. I think the last two nights of staying up late and not sleeping well for the few hours that I had to try and get some is truly catching up with me.

It's also been one of the longest weeks in my working history! Needless to say, I will be crying TGIF tomorrow for sure! The great news is it's a three-day weekend which is a HUGE plus!

Jake's school is actually open on Monday. They are having a make-up day for the one they lost last week when we all stayed home hoping to see an accumulation of snow (we never did, by the way, if you were wondering...major bummer in my book). So Jim has suggested he and I have a "Date Day" to go see a movie and have a really nice lunch out somewhere. Actually, I wouldn't mind going to breakfast somewhere. Lunches and dinners are semi easy to come by, but we never seem to go out somewhere for breakfast, so I may make that suggestion in the next day or two.

Our plans for the rest of the weekend have changed from the last time I posted about my mom, sister, and niece coming for the weekend. My niece now has cheer leading practice until 5 o'clock in the evening which would put them on the road later than they wanted to be, so they are foregoing the overnight stay they had planned. It's also supposed to rain (70% chance according to weather.com) which puts a damper on things too. So we've now decided to all meet at the Galleria in Birmingham for some shopping. Jake will go with me, of course. He is super excited to see Emily and ride the "caroufel". He has already asked what he can bring with him on the ride...his first suggestion was a teddy bear (I'm not sure exactly which one since he doesn't have one that he plays with on a regular basis) and then his blanket (now that definitely makes sense because he's extremely attached to one in particular).

Today he also brought home a super neat piece of artwork that he did at school. I LOVE anything that he paints or does with his hand prints and footprints. For this one, he used his thumbprints to make insects since they are studying the letter "I" this week. His teachers filled in the eyes and ears, and it turned out so cute. He has actually done a lot of super neat things here lately; in fact, I'm planning a post chocked full of pictures of some of my favorites, so be on the lookout for that soon.

I think I've also mentioned that he's a huge "help" around our house. Well recently, he actually knocked my socks off and did something that really, really surprised me. Just the other day I was unloading this dishwasher, and he said, "Mommy, can I help you?" I said "Sure!" and let him have the basket of forks and spoons to put away. He opened the drawer knowing where they were supposed to go and got busy. I also got busy putting away the bigger and breakable things, the cups, pots and pans, etc. When I turned to look, he was actually putting the silverware in the spot it goes in. He was putting the forks where the forks go and spoons where spoons go. But he didn't stop there. He even sorted them by smallest and largest! I was totally blown away! I mean...I knew they would get put in the drawer, but I never imagined they would be exactly where they were supposed to go. I was so proud of him, and he got a HUGE hug and "Thank you" from his mommy.

Jim is also back to normal which I couldn't be more thankful for. He has now joined the "surgery club" and had carpal tunnel release surgery this past Monday on his right hand. Today was his first full day back at work, and he did great. So he's on the mend and should hopefully be back to his normal routine in a few short months.

He also did something super incredible for me this week. He recently ordered a jewelry box with tons of drawers and hooks to hang necklaces on. It even has a mirror inside so that I can see how I look and hangs on the wall for easy access. He's been hearing me say for three forevers that I need a new home for my jewelry. I had a really small jewelry box that I think I've had since I was a young teenager, but it definitely didn't hold everything which means the rest of it was jumbled up in a gift bag that I had to sift through to find what I was looking for. So he totally surprised me and ordered this kind of gigantic jewelry box, and it came in on Tuesday. He has even hung it for me already, and I'm proud to say I have already organized everything and have said goodbye to gift bag (that definitely wasn't hard to do). I'm definitely looking forward to actually wearing more of my jewelry now that I can actually get to it so easy. Thank you, Sweetie! You totally rock!

On that note, I'm off to bed to try and catch up on my sleep. Jake has been down since the credits of Wow Wow Wubbzy rolled across the TV screen, so now is as good a time any to say Goodnight.

So, Goodnight.

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