Downtown Date Day


So what's a mommy and daddy to do when it's a federal holiday and preschool is in session? Hmmmmm.....

A million things definitely went through our minds, especially going back and forth on whether or not to spend the day as a company of three instead of two. But ultimately we decided to make it a day for just the two of us (say awwwwww) and spend some time strolling through downtown Northport. I'm an absolute sucker for all of the shops, even when I have nothing to buy. It's because they are super unique and full of one-of-a-kind items that you don't just happen upon anywhere and everywhere else...the kind that literally I can go in and look for so long I don't even realize just how long I've been in them. And the whole area has such a quaint and wholesome feel to it...almost like it's in another place and time...I'm completely in love with it, and when a day like today comes along and I can do the near about impossible...look until my heart is content...I always want to go.

So we started off with breakfast here (Yes, he went with my suggestion for eating breakfast "out")...

And then we browsed through any and all of the stores that were open. Some were not due to the fact that today is a holiday and the time of day we were there (it was pretty early in the morning). I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed that some of the shops were closed, especially the Pottiger.

The Pottiger is an amazing place to find stuff like unique pots, fresh lavender, and a huge antique bird cage with finches gallore. I LOVE to go in here even if it's just for the smell factor.

But we did find some that were open, like this really great hardware store that's been around for over a hundred years...

and this toy shop right next door that just opened up last year.

And you may have noticed the barber shop pole in the above photo...or maybe you didn't. But, there is also a real deal barber shop down here where Jim actually goes for hair cuts.

The streets are lined with newspapers to be bought and child-sized rocking chairs to be sat in.

And though I couldn't go in and get photos of the inside of The Pottiger, I was able to take this one of one of two topiaries that sits outside the front door.

So after we had spent a few fabulous hours here, we spent the rest of our day doing early birthday shopping for Jake and looking at houses. We did end up eating a nice late lunch out after all and then picked up our chatty, lovey dovey, bright little boy.

This is definitely the kind of day I could get used to!

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