Not Me! Monday


This past week I did not stay in my pajamas all day...on more than one occasion. Not me! I would never take such advantage of a long vacation from work and hibernate in my house this way.

And if I did hibernate like this, I definitely wouldn't not only stay in my pajamas all day, but also skip taking a shower on those days. Oh no I didn't! I would never allow myself to get so grungy or the oil to become so noticeable in my hair. No sirree! I wouldn't dare let myself go like that! I'm a well-groomed mommy 100% of the time!

And finally...

On Sunday, I did not take Jake out in 30 degree weather just so I could snap some really cute photos of him in his super cool Batman t-shirt and striped toboggan. Nope! The photos in my last post were taken weeks and weeks ago when it was at least 60 degrees outside. There is no chance you would have seen us out there around 4pm playing in our driveway! And whenever I did take those photos (weeks ago remember?), I did not ask him if he wanted to play for just a few minutes more just so I could get a few more good shots in, especially after he had informed me that he was really cold. Heavens no! I'm always looking out for his and my best interests and would absolutely come inside the moment neither of us could no longer feel our fingers. Of course not!

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