Bicycles and Butterflies


Callaway Gardens....ahhhh....just the sound of it makes me relax. It has truly become of mine and Jim's very favorite places to go. It's also one of my parent's favorite places to go. They got us hooked on it last year. I think we went twice in a matter of two months!

By the way, does this mean we're getting old? Since it's almost the only place my parents will go on vacation?


Don't answer that.

Okay, back to Callaway Gardens.

This past weekend after the birthday cake icing was scraped off the carport cement, the umpteen bags of trash were tossed into the garbage can, the smell of horse poop was cleared from the air, and we passed out cold for nearly 9 hours that night at my parent's house, Jim and I hit the road to have an overnight date there.

Did I mention we love it there?

We spent the day Saturday looking for hours in antique shops, eating lunch at an old fashioned soda shop (pictures of that will follow), and playing a round of golf (well...Jim played...I just drove the golf cart...someone's gotta do it, right?).

We also managed to spend about an hour in a sauna...ummmm...excuse me...the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center. It sure felt like a sauna, though. The all-glass enclosure is held to a certain temperature year 'round, so that just means in the Summer heat, it's twice or maybe even three times as hot because the sun is just streaming in from every.single.direction.

By the time we left, we both looked like we had just run a 3K. I think the beads of sweat streaming down our faces and hair stuck to our heads definitely had something to do with that previous statement.

But ask me (I don't even ask Jim. He just knows to play along when we go here because I can't get enough of it.), and I'll tell you it was worth it.

Worth every drop of sweat because we got to see creatures such as this one...

and this one.

I just love this one because he's looking right at me. It's like he's saying, "Whatch you looking at?"

Such beauty! I would almost swear I took 200 shots like this one in less than an hour.

On Sunday morning, we got up semi early and took a spin on a pair of two-wheelers...or bicycles...whichever you prefer.

I have no earthly idea when the last time I rode a bike was. You can tell from this following photo that I wasn't speeding.

I think I just needed to get the hang of the bike they gave me. The steering can I put this...very sensitive. And all I kept thinking about was my sister's crash on one of these things last year. I definitely didn't want to end up with scrapes and bruises like she sported for a week. Or at least that's the excuse I'll keep using for now.

Jim, on the other hand, was busy popping wheelies...

ringing the little bell on the handlebars (He said he wanted to make sure I could hear him and catch up. Whatever!)...

and leaving skid marks on the trail.

We saw scenery like this...

and stopped along the way to enjoy it.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

Which is why we love it here!

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