For many of them (moments, that is), my camera is accessible...taking up its proper space in my camera bag; or, like right now, sitting on my computer desk where I left it last night after I downloaded the photos I took of Jake in his Batman mask.

And me? Where am I? Well, I'm drowning in a sea of regret that I didn't grab it and go to town with it earlier today. Why didn't I think to come and get it? I've asked myself this question over and over. Was it because I didn't want to take the time, or did I really even think about it? Was it because I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone who gave me the best news I've heard in weeks (And it's only Monday, so this one is definitely starting out good. God is really something, isn't He)? I have no answers. Call me Clueless! Your guess is as good as mine.

I mean, c'mon! Who wouldn't want to have a visual reminder of their three year old - hair drenched with sweat - rockin' his Spiderman t-shirt - with no underwear on - orange koolaid stain on his mouth - with a band aid on his right knee covering up a huge scrape that he got from falling on the steps on his way back from lunch at school - and running all over the backyard squealing and laughing like it was noboby's business?

Yep, one of those "Moments When I Wish I Had Had My Camera".

There might be more of stay tuned.

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