Look who just turned 5!


She's my free-spirited, very special, 10 shades darker than me (So.not.fair!), strong-willed, maker of cards for her Aunt Cindi with 10 "I love you's" written on them, non-eater of macaroni and cheese, cutest birthday cowgirl, niece Emily!

Her 5th birthday was this past Friday, and she is every bit of 5! She wears a size 5, she was 5 plus pounds when she was born, she weighs 5 times 7 pounds, is 5 times 8 inches tall, and rode the ponies my sister had at her party (at least) 5 times (probably more but I didn't keep count)!

She had more friends and cousins and parents of friends and aunts and uncles...

and more fun that I think I've ever seen her have at any of her birthdays so far (Well, aside from her birthday celebration at Pump It Up last year...That was definitely a little out of control if you know what I mean!).

There was a trampoline, a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake, colorful bandannas, 32 hot dogs, a pinata, cowboy hats, 4 pounds of candy, and 1 birthday wish...just for her.

And just in case you were wondering, there was definitely plenty of Jake to go around too.

By the time we dropped him off at school that morning, he had determined that he would ride on every horse available to him "really fast" and had named them all (Thomas the Train names, of course. What other names are there?).

He also managed to let me know that I was too big to ride on the horses because I would "fall off". That's okay, Buddy. Mommy probably wouldn't want to anyway. But thank you for looking out for me.

Yep! He definitely turned into quite the cowboy on Friday...singing trail songs...

sporting his new blue bandanna...

telling the horses to "Giddy-up!"...

giving me that tough "cowboy" look instead of his usual smiles...

and rewarding his ponies for a job well done.

Yes, Sir! Coming from one biased Mommy, he was by far the cutest, most rootin'-est tootin'-est, 3-year old cowboy on the range!

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