A Superhero Takes a Break


Me: "Hey Sweetie! Can you stop what you're doing and show me how you become Batman?"

Jake: "Put down my playdoh, Mom?"

Me: "Yes, please. That would be so great!"

Jake: "Okay, here he is. Grrrrrr....


Me: "Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind. I need you to put your mask over your face."

Jake: "Oh! Okay."

Me: "Wow, Jake! You really do look like Batman now!"

Jake: "Can I play with my playdoh now, Mom?"

Me: "Sure you can, Sweetie!"

Jake: "Mooooooom, I'm not Sweetie! I'm Batman!"

Me: "Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry. Yes, you can play with your playdoh now...Batman."

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