How was your weekend?


My weekend was absolutely wonderful!

I did not edit or post any pictures (as you can tell) from our trip to DC.

But what I did do was this:

I worked puzzles with Jake most of the morning on Saturday (new ones that Jim and I brought back from one of the Smithsonian museums...of dinosaurs...what else would they be of). They actually came in a set of four - there's a red one, a purple, a yellow one, and a green one. Jake would tell me which color he wanted to put together, and I would help him with each one over and over and over again.

I laid out in the sun.

I took naps.

I gave my blog a completely makeover thanks to Erin at Designer Blogs.

I had a photo session with my friend (who also happens to be my co-worker), Kara, and her family. Jim and Jake went with me and walked for miles and chased squirrels while I took pictures of this great family...

I attended church on Sunday morning...actually we attended church.

I talked to my mom on the phone and edited pictures.

I cleaned 85% of my house. I say 85% because my vaccuum is still sitting in our foyer. I still need to vaccuum our living room. I like to save the best (or highest-traffic area...however you want to look at it) for last.

Speaking of last...I discovered Jake had taken a bright yellow Matchbox car from his Sunday School classroom. He had hidden it in his pocket. I'm guessing (okay, hoping) he got permission from his teacher. He managed to lose it at the restaurant we stopped at for lunch on our way home...which explains why I have "replacement matchbox car for church" on my shopping list for Target.


  1. Great job Cindi! These pictures are so good!

  2. Thank you, Rebecca! Miss you bunches!