A Day Out With Thomas


While Jim had to be on campus today for A-Day, Jake and I spent our day with Thomas the Tank Engine.

We got up this morning and got ready as quickly as we normally would on a weekday (aside from packing a lunch and snacks and drinks and extra clothes - you know...just in case) and made our way to the Birmingham Railroad Museum in Calera. We've been here once before. You may remember our trip to ride the Pumpkin Express back in October. We had a great time then, and well...you can see for yourself what a great time we had today.

We visited all of the animals in the petting zoo...multiple times...

and played on nearly all of the trains.

We heard roosters crow and whistles blow.

We played a game of putt-putt and purchased another train...Spencer. He's been wanting him for a while.

We met Sir Topham Hatt...

and went for a real train ride with Thomas leading the way.

Spencer went with us, of course.

Music played, and we met the conductor. He even gave Jake a Jr. Engineer certificate as a souvenir.

Jake got to stand up for most of the ride.

I took pictures.

After we pulled back into the station, we had a picnic lunch while we listened to live music.

We stopped for a few quick pictures of Thomas, and we waved Goodbye.

Today was fun...and I loved spending it with Jake...and Thomas too.

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