Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs


Jake's preschool is closed today in honor of Good Friday, and he and I have spent every waking minute of it together. First, I brought him along with me to a quick follow-up appointment with my plastic surgeon in Birmingham. That all went really great - I got the green light to not have to come back again (for several years anyway), and Jake made friends with the fake birds in a large bird cage they have in one of their waiting rooms. He even waved goodbye to them when we left. After our stop there, we went directly to the Galleria for a day of shopping, riding the carousel, and bringing home a Nemo from the Disney Store.

When we finally made it home, we immediately got busy on dyeing our eggs to take with us to Jake's grandma's tomorrow. She has a big Easter egg hunt planned with some of our extended family, and we can't wait! We decided to take the egg-dyeing party outside just because it was so beautiful out today (okay, and maybe to prevent getting dye all over our kitchen).

After Jim and I got the first initial steps done - spreading the cups out on the patio, dropping the tablets in, and pouring the vinegar over them to make them dissolve - we let Jake have total control of doing everything himself.

Did you notice all of the tablets aren't in the correct cups (orange is in the green cup, yellow is in the orange cup, green is in the yellow cup)? I guess I'll admit that was my fault. They should really label those things, you know?

Jake had the best time stirring and stirring until they were just the color he wanted.

He even did a great job at transferring them to the special holder we bought for the project...

only a few cracks here and there...but "that's okay" he says.

Yes, it's okay, Baby. They're all beautiful to me, just because you made them.

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