He was excited...

when he got to hunt for these last weekend at his Grandma and Paw-paw's...

And I'm excited to be back to blogging.

Today is the first day I've actually had access to a computer since last Saturday (which is when we had our big family Easter egg hunt...which is also when I had to pack for my trip to Washington D.C....which means today is the first opportunity I've had to download all the pictures I've had stored in my camera since I took the ones above of Jake finding loads of Easter eggs...which means I have a lot of catching up to do).

So be prepared for lots of updates this week with lots of pictures from our nation's capital.

For now, duty calls. I still have a few remaining loads of laundry to do, and unless I want to twist an ankle or lose my religion, I need to pick up the wooden tool box with about a million pieces that belong to it that are strewn about, all (which equates to at least 50) of Jake's "friendly", plastic dinosaurs (of which at least 10 managed to attack me throughout the course of the night...doesn't sound very friendly to me, but whatever), my camera bag, the model space shuttle that he got as a souvenir from the Air & Space Museum, and my dinner plate that has been sitting here since I ate leftovers about 4 hours ago (I promise you I have not been sitting here that long).

With that said...Goodnight!

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