Hip, Hip, Hooray!


The weekend is here!

It's Friday evening. We're home from work and school and soaking up these night hours and the fact that for the next two days, we'll be together...no agenda, no to-do lists.

Jake is in the tub as I type singing the "Hokey Pokey", and the odds that he's pouring water on the floor are 99 out of 100. Jim is on the couch relaxing and watching TV. And me...well, I'm blogging...and thinking about what I'd like to do for the next two days.

I've told myself I'm not going to do any cleaning. I even told Kara (whose family I took pictures of a few weeks ago) that I wasn't going to do any cleaning. But when I looked at the toilets in our bathrooms and noticed a black ring starting to form around the inside (How does that happen so quickly anyway?), I decided I might at least do that much.

A trip to the mall will most definitely be in order at some point. After all, I have $75 in virtual dollars to redeem at The Limited. This weekend is the last weekend I can use them. Finding something to buy so I can use them will definitely not be a problem. My co-worker and friend, Kelly, and I went one day this week "just to look". I wanted to buy one of everything in the whole store. So yeah...I definitely won't have a problem adding to my wardrobe.

I also happened upon another great blog and became inspired to go buy a book by SouleMama. She's the author of The Creative Family and Handmade Home. I haven't decided which one I'll get. Apparently both are filled with super neat ways to re purpose what you already have lying around your house and show you how to's on tons of craft and sewing projects.

Movie-watching is also definitely in order. Jim has rented "Old Dogs" and "Couples Retreat". I'm excited. I've heard they're both great and super funny. I definitely love a good laugh...although I've had lots already this week. It's been good...my week, that is - other than the multiple calls from Jake's teacher telling me he's having massive diarrhea (Note to self: Do not mix an antibiotic with Zyrtec. This causes lots.and lots.of diarrhea. End note.)

Speaking of Jake...he's calling repeatedly that he's "ready to get out" (of the tub). And since I'm assuming I'm the only one who can hear him because the other person who could do the job for me isn't responding, I'll answer his call.

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