Groundhog Day


Did you know Phil has his own club...and website?  And no, he didn't see his shadow this morning, so signs of Spring should come sooner than expected (Not that we've really had a Winter, in terms of temperatures.)

Sickness. It's hit us all in one form or another. Jake has done his fair share of breathing treatments while Parker's loose cough still lingers. Jim two nights ago seems to have had a form of stomach flu, and yesterday...well, it made its way to me. I left work at lunch feeling way less than up to par and as of right now still have not made a full recovery. Sigh. The perfect pick-me-up - a call from the hubs at 11:22 to ask me out on a lunch date. Yes, please! We walked down University to our favorite Japanese restaurant and talked it over. He treated me to seventy-five percent off at Private Gallery (If you don't have one of these or haven't been in one before, they have clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes - all unique and different from your normal department store trends...more boutique style I guess I could say.), and we parted ways with "Thanks for lunch." in the seventy degree sun.

One thing I've learned since becoming a mom is to let go of my expectations.  I think being a parent is more of an expect the unexpected experience instead of a map-it-all-out-and-yeah-it'll-go-just-like-I-planned-it-to one.  Things come up; appointments take longer than anticipated.  Plans get cancelled; birthday parties get postponed.  Babies get sick; it rains.  My personal experience has been all of these.  And today I just so happen to be throwing myself one big pity party (an all out bash complete with white table linens and fine china) because this is my reality.  Maybe it's because I didn't wash my hair this morning and left for work feeling as if I'd look much more fashionable in sweats that what I was dressed in.  Maybe it's because my stomach still aches when I swallow food.  Or maybe it's because I'm so paralyzed by the thought of a last minute something-might-go-wrong that I told Jim to plan his trip to Northern California without me and then hung up the phone in total sadness knowing I'll totally wish I was there and resent the fact that he's actually having fun while I'm at home sucked into responsibility and the duty that calls us to where we are at this moment (sitting beside the bathtub watching them splash and play...still in clothes I started my day out in at 7am).

Redemption - I think I'll need some after the paragraph above (I probably shouldn't have blogged at all today, but oh well.).  I'm hoping I'll find it in kissing two sets of eyelashes after they're both asleep (I did this a few nights ago - snuck in, and put two kisses on each brow just because I was moved to and because his face was close enough for me to reach him through the bars on his crib.  Big Brother was granted more than two because he's less phased by it.).  And tomorrow, I will definitely, definitely wash my hair.    

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