A Resolution


I have one. Just one. It's to eat a lunch that I brought from home more days of the week than I eat out. I've kept up the pace for the entire month of January, and I love what it's doing for me - more gas in the tank, more change in the checking account, and less of the same 'ole same 'ole from the same 'ole drive-thrus. I think I'll keep this one.

And just to randomly fill in the gap between Sunday and right this very second...we exhausted ourselves in an hour long meeting about getting to the bottom of what it all means when she says he would benefit from repeating K4 skills on his mid-year evaluation, Parker almost climbed up one of the steps of our staircase (two hands on the second step and one leg folded on the first...but he kept the other bolted to the floor) and I fell down four of them (I have no idea how, but the bruise should be a good one.), Jim is huddled on our couch under a thermal blanket symptomatic of the flu, and Jake just reminded me of someone. You know that bed wetter from Home Alone? The one who wore glasses and chugged a two liter of Pepsi with his pizza before he was supposed to share a bed with Macaulay Culkin? Minus the glasses (but not the bed soaking capabilities - he takes after someone I know), he's lying here next to me taking huge - I mean HUGE - swigs of the sweet tea I put in his Lightning McQueen water bottle.

Hope ya'll have a great (and dry) night!

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  1. I like that resolution, for all of those reasons you listed... besides, I work in a small town where the ONLY lunch options are deep-fried. Ick. ITs just so hard to do though, so I like how you shoot for "more days than you eat out." THAT I can do.