My little loves

are (finally) here to say

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

As for them, they both had a really great one too.

Jake's party with his classmates was on Monday (one day early because it was one of his classmates' last day of school before her family moves to Kentucky). He took Cars Valentine's Day cards and goodie bags with Rice Krispie treats, tootsie rolls, and suckers in them and brought home a gift sack stuffed with cards and candy and chocolate.

And on Tuesday, they all took a field trip to Capstone Village (a retirement apartment community) to pass out cards and candy and sing songs - "Jesus Loves Me" and "Tootie Tock" (according to him).  He also just informed me that "Ummm...and we played on a playground there, you know?  And a bee stung me on my arm.  It still hurts really bad!  See?", I really don't see one, Babe.  (An episode of Billie the Exterminator that he just finished watching with Jim?  Hmmm...probably.)

And this one?  He partied with his six classmates on Tuesday.  He gave out Gerber Graduates strawberry yogurt with leftover cards from Big Brother's stash with Cars' characters on them and got cards, bubbles, and goldfish crackers in return.  And according to his Ms. Jen, he's a huge fan of pizza.  She ordered one for the whole group to share, cut it into Parker-sized bites, and he ate every single one.

As far as I'm concerned, the lovefest continues - his newest thing is crawling up and laying his head against the laps of his daddy and I (or our shoulders if he's being held). Ahhhhh...there's nothing better than when they give it back. I promise I fall in love all over again.

Every time.

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