Mindset for Moms (alternately titled: And this is why I love Pinterest.)


So I took a break, and I scrolled through a few rows of pins. Found stuff like doggies licking popsicles...

Yay!  I needed that this morning.  And he's getting ready to go back for more...brain freeze and all!

a website called RedEnvelope.com... 

They have the neatest personalized gifts for absolutely every one and every occasion...especially for the littles in my life.  It's in my favorites...at the top...I'll be going back for more.

and this book cover...

Through today (10 pm EST), Jamie is giving away free PDF copies of her book.  Here's the scoop on how to get one...http://www.steadymom.com/2012/02/free-mindset-for-moms.html if you want one too. 

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link! I'll go check that out!

    (I steer clear of Pinterest the way recovering alcholics need to steer clear of bars... I KNOW me and it would not be good!)