Happy Birthday


It's his birthday today.

"I'm FIVE now, Momma!" That's what he told me at lunch today when I met up with him at school to share cupcakes and ice cream with his classmates (one of whom shares the same birthday). And when he said it, he held up his right hand with all five fingers stretched out right in front of my face.

Yes, Baby, I know. Sigh. You're five years old.

This morning we woke him with a verse of "Happy Birthday" and two gifts to open - a beyblade (what else is there, right?) and The Lion King.  And tonight, we took him out to dinner, dropped a few quarters in the arcade style games they have in the front of the restaurant  (something we don't do on any other given night), and I've said "Yes." all three times he's asked to chew a new piece of gum (one of his new fave things to do...Needless to say, he's high on life.  And sugar.).

Jake, you were love at first sight five years ago today, and even still, you totally take my breath away.  Happy 5th Birthday, Buddy!

I will praise You forever for what You have done.  ~Psalm 52:9  


  1. So sweet=happy birthday to your big 5 year old. Happy to be following from Kelly's corner. Amanda http://thelittlelilypad.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you, Ladies!!! This means so much!!

  3. Precious!! Happy Birthday Jake! I remember when you were planning his 2nd and 3rd birthday parties!! Time has flown!! :)