It's Saturday morning; and as usual, you just never know around here.

So far this morning:

Jim's doing a little organizing in our garage and patching the holes in the molding where he took down our blinds (shutter installation - Monday, 8:30am).

Parker is picking up Fruit Loops off the floor (leftovers from last night's snack), leaving his handprints on the 'naked' window panes, and taste-testing joint compound.

Me - I'm in official party prep mode for Jake's 5th birthday Tumblebus bash next Saturday wrappin' forks, knives, and spoons in napkins and tying them with curling ribbon.

And now I'm about to help Jake find his missing Power Ranger. "It's the red one, Momma! You know. The one without the boobies. So he's a boy."

Hope your Saturday's totally awesome!

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