Will you be mine?


It's so, so true that my little loves get the attention they both deserve here. But my longest love - the one who still does it for me after fourteen Valentine's Days - does not. (Sorry, Bud.) And I promise I'm not about to get too sappy, but I just want to say to him...

Babe, I just want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, say thanks for being my Valentine today and always, and tell you I'd meet you on the steps of the courthouse all over again and vow to spend all of my Valentine's Days with you.

And because I think he might actually read this, I can't tell you what I have planned for tomorrow.  I'm definitely keeping my promise to him to not spend any dough...I love, love, love "homemade" gifts.  To me, they say it best - because they come from the heart.

I absolutely can't wait!  And neither can Jake.  He's all in on the surprise.

Wishing you true love today and every day,

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