Random but true...and a video


Parker's latest ear infection (per his pediatrician) is "luking much betta now" (He's from India, so that's how he sounded when he said it. I thought you might like his version. You're welcome.).  Our federal income tax refund is a grand total of eighty-eight whole dollars (A tank of gas? Dinner at Outback and a movie? Wow, the possibilities with that dough are endless.).  I'm leaving for Atlanta on Sunday, and I'll be gone for a few days to attend a conference for work.  And today I came up with a solution for the blank wall that leads to our garage from the kitchen, and I finally got this on video...

Is that not the funniest thing? I should have gotten him on camera doing this same thing when he was still cruising in his pumpkin seat when we went somewhere. If I unlatched him from the base, and took him in to a store or restaurant with him still in his seat and set it on the floor, he would get it going good with his little legs. He figured this motion out as a really little guy (four months old maybe?), and he's been doing it ever since. Needless to say (because I'm sure by the looks and squeaks of it, you can tell), this is one incredibly well-loved and super bouncy bouncy seat.

Git it Parker!!!

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