3 things


1. This past Saturday after we had dinner with friends, Jim took me to Ulta (could spend hours, friends, in there every time I go) to buy eyeliner, shampoo, and conditioner.  And after I looked into several huge mirrors under their blinding fluorescent lights, the signs that I'm aging started flashing in neon.  So I pulled over an employee and asked what she recommended for fine lines and younger-looking skin.  It's all natural, significantly less expensive than Kinerase, I've been using it religiously since Sunday, and so far I absolutely love it.  

2. If you haven't yet/don't read BooMama's blog on a regular basis, then you've missed out on this post. About midway through, I promise you I got up from my desk (obviously at work when I read it), and went into my coworker L's office just so we could hoot and holler about it together. There's just something about her saying, "Somebody give the Lord a handclap of praise." that still tickles me death every time I think about it.

3. One of my favorite girls of all time keeps this posted at her desk.

I adore it! (And her too.).

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