Saturday Slumber


This morning loads of laundry are churning in our washing machine and tumbling in our dryer, the door to our screened porch has stayed open longer than usual, an extra bed is still unmade because we have an out-of-town guest, and Parker is catching some serious zzzz's in his bouncy seat (or as his big brother would say..."He is paaaaaased out!").

Jim's long time friend, Ben, is here for the weekend and to watch the Tide play today.

Jake is digging through his crate of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and showing me which ones Hunter (a friend at school) has and telling me which ones he wants to take with him next week for Show & Tell.

As for me, I'm wondering what the weather will be like in Boston next week, starting to think about what I need to take with me when I leave on Tuesday, and wondering how many times I should ask God to "Please, please, Dear Lord, let Jim be the only one who has to recover from the stomach virus he came down with yesterday."

He woke up dizzy on Thursday morning and woke up yesterday emptying everything that he had and didn't have on his stomach.  After twelve hours, the vomiting stopped.  It's left him super weak, and he's still having waves of dizziness.  I'm not only praying that I or the boys don't get it, but that Jim is enjoying the day he's spending with Ben and eating anything and everything he wants to.

Air conditioning repair last weekend and virus control this weekend.

Next weekend...back at home and capturing real life moments like this one...

and I will not ask what else.

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