What I'm Loving (Fashionably Late)


"Come back to me!" That's what the What I'm Loving posts said...no, shouted...to me this morning. So I'm coming back to them...maybe only for a week or two or ten. But I feel a need to look for the little things in which I take pleasure. They're never far away...I just need to be aware of them. That's all. Oh...and I'm playing catch-up from last week (hence the title) just so you know. So here goes...

I'm loving...first field trips with my absolute crave-his-affection, love-him-obsessivly, favorite four-and-a-half year old.

Our hours at the zoo seemed like they would never end. Admittedly, in a way, I wanted them to because I was cold.

But the importance of this one being the first (not only his first class field trip but also his first time to see and experience the Birmingham Zoo) and spending time with the ones he calls friends and the parents who adore them as much as I do him, far outweighed the uncomfortableness of light rain and numb appendages.

A choice between riding the train once more or the carousel were all his.

A choice between a blue parrot or a green one were also his.

He chose blue.

I'm loving...temps cool enough to dress my two bed bugs in full lenth pj's and the shhhhing from our extra bedroom that came from my sister telling two cousins to quiet down and go to sleep.

I'm loving...5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son..the book.

Vicki writes, "Deep in a mother's heart, she knows that when it comes time for her son to leave, he will leave both physically and emotionally. He will eventually turn his attention to another woman who will become the recipient of his adoration. Of course our sons will still love us, but their feelings won't be manifested in the same way a daughter's feelings would be toward her mother. Our role is to prepare them to love another, all the while, enjoying every minute of the brief season when we reign as queen in their hearts."

And now if you'll excuse me while I go get myself a tissue.

..................Okay..........(using the tissue I just went to get).........I'm back.

I'm loving...Valspar's April Thicket for the laundry room and Homestead Resort Cameo White for the kitchen walls.

I'm loving...the semi-conscious state he's in while he drinks his last meal for the night, his fingers completely covered in baby fat that rest against my arm, the sound of the springs in the cream rocking chair as it pushes our weight back and forth...back and forth as we sit in his dark bedroom that's lit only by the light from his musical nightlight that hangs on the side of his crib.

And last but not least...I'm loving...the two 8 x 10 Organic Bloom frames that await photos from a new season of life...and my husband for meeting April in Downtown Northport on Saturday morning to pick them up.   I'll love you forever and always, Babe!

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