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So much to say and no time to say it...that's what I'm feelin' tonight as I sit at my keyboard. My last post kind of came out that way too, I think...just a bunch of thoughts put together that may or may not have even flowed...and this one may be no different.

I went into work this morning, and powered on a computer for the first time since Friday. I also feel like this morning was the first time since Friday I actually sat in a chair. Ahhhhh... The work we did this weekend wasn't easy, and neither was saying Goodbye to Ivey. She was just over thirteen years old, and she was the first pet Jim and I added to our family right after we got married. She was simply old and tired. She had almost quit eating anything at all, had lost the majority of her hearing and vision, and at times, we were strangers in the world she was living in. I was reminded by the receptionist at my vet's office on Saturday morning that, "Loving means letting go. And I can see that she's really and truly loved." We are still heartbroken. I'm crying as I type. But I know with time, we'll all be okay, and we'll adjust to the home that's missing an extra set of paw prints.

Belle is slowly but surely taking over our sadness, and Diverse Beige took over our master bedroom and bathroom walls in the home we'll close on this Friday morning.  Yesterday, Jim made three consecutive trips between residences and nearly emptied our garage completely.  We've also almost completely emptied Jake's toy closet, and boxes are beginning to take over every single room in the house we currently live in.  We made progress...real progress...and I made the walls in my laundry room go from a creamy tan to a bluish-green called Silvermist.  Sam, our painter, is responsible for almost all the rest (minus the boys' rooms and our kitchen).  He and his crew will start tomorrow morning and work for probably three days straight to get it all done before new carpet is laid at the end of the week.  And yes, I'll take you on a tour (maybe even a "before" one?) as we fill it up and make it feel like our home and less like "the new house" which is what we'll be calling it for just a few more days.
Jake stayed busy playing Toy Story 3 on his Leapster, watching Scooby Doo DVD's on our portable DVD player, and doing some lizard-catching.  Parker enjoyed the time he spent with my family, and my family enjoyed the time they spent with him. He also filled in the gap between the two teeth he already had on his bottom row (which means he has a total of four now).

This week is overwhelming, we forgot to send Jake's nap mat to school this morning, I have no idea why my eye is still bright red (I thought taking out my contact would help...maybe it had a piece of dust or debris on it and was causing it to be irritated?), I still need to finish "showing you around" Boston, I've packed Tupperware and done my best to keep our laundry situation under control, I have a dental appointment tomorrow afternoon, I'm asking God for wisdom tonight on when to speak and when to just be quiet, and I'm calling this one a wrap.

Happy Monday, Ya'll!

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