Packing, Possession, Pinterest, and Parker


Before I start packing, tonight I had to pack for Parker.  He'll spend the next two nights with my family while Jake stays behind with us so he can be treated to popcorn, coke, and his very own ticket to see The Lion King tomorrow night and a weekend reminiscent of the days before Baby came along.

And before Jim started removing artwork, drapery hardware, and portraits off the walls, we walked to Publix...all four of us...Jake in one stroller, Parker in the other.  We pushed them right through Publix - Jake held the green, plastic basket while I threw in jars of Beechnut and Gerber foods, and Jim tossed in two rolls of packing tape.  We left - but not before Jake and I made passes up and down two different aisles with no one on them, my legs running as fast as they would go, not giving a second thought to who might stare - to create a sense of surprise, to act impulsively and twenty years less than my age, and to see him smile as the wind blew his hair out of his face.  He loved it.  And so did I.

Today at lunch I stared at samples of paint, picking out colors, so long I thought I'd go blind, and we recently met two more families in our new neighborhood.  Karen lives diagonally across the street from us with her husband and yellow Labrador Retriever.  I'm pretty sure she's a follower of one or thirty of her friends on Pinterest by the way her pumpkins cascade down her front steps, leaves spilling all around them.

The house we bought  (we found out) was previously owned by Mike Vollmar, Associate Athletics Director for the Crimson Tide from 2008 through 2010. His home state of Michigan and the health of his dad called him back to the Wolverines this past year, and so we're calling the house he did while he and his family were here our home as of this coming weekend. We've been given permission to take possession a week early so we can do some of the important things we need to do like paint and install new carpet before we make the big move a week from tomorrow.  Sigh....... There's a  Which means I should probably save my thoughts and keystrokes for another night.


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