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Hi ho, hi was "Back to work I go!" for me this morning.

And when I sat down at my desk and thumbed through my notepad to find a blank page to scratch down the messages in my voicemail from last week, I ran across something I had written down a few weeks ago...a voicemail message from the week Jake started K4. It was from his K2 teacher, Ms. Diane. And it went like this:

"I just wanted to tell you I saw Jake today. He let me pick him up and hug always. He looked like such a big boy...walking in line just like he was supposed to...carrying his lunch box. I just wanted to let you know he's doing everything he's supposed to...growing up right before our eyes. Now we just have to realize that he's becoming the big boy he already is. I'm so proud."

As I listened to it over and over until I had every single word written down exactly like she said it, I thought, "Wow!  How much must she truly love him for the sight of him and the feel of her holding him to be so important to her that she would call just to share it with me?" 

My children are loving them comes natural to me.  For someone else to really, really love who they are inside and out, on their good days and bad, is, in my books, such a gift.  They don't have to.  They haven't been called to like I have as their mother. 

What a privilege it is that Jake has received a piece of someone else's heart.  And what a privilege it is for me to know he's loved this much...and that he's "...walking in line just like he's supposed to."

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