It's what he's doing...

right this very second.

And better than the fact that he's sleeping so soundly he never moved a single muscle while I captured this moment of him in deep slumber - he fell asleep in just the right spot that he created right above my rib cage and underneath my close I could feel his breath and feel the tickle of his hair made into a mohawk by his big brother and I after we dried him from his close I could almost count his eyelashes one by one and placed kisses on his forehead as uncountable as the minutes I just held close I almost couldn't bear to put him down (until I got the idea to take this photo of him in his crib and share it here...then I got all excited, whipped him into his crib and into this crooked position, and bless him's heart, he was still in the same exact spot when I whipped out my camera and whipped it over the top of his crib to snap this photo).

Sweet Dreams, My Love!       

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