Boston: In Photographs


While our house was being appraised this morning, I downloaded my memory card full of memories made in Boston - definitely a wind of change from those of a dressing mirror, a three-times-painted bookshelf, and a car seat we don't plan to hand down to Parker ("Thank you, Tuscaloosa Garage Sale.  I no longer own any of these because of you.").    

Last Tuesday when we jetted off to Boston, Kelly and I stepped off of our plane with places to go, sites to see.

I'm thinking about all of them...   

and I'm thinking about my day tomorrow and taking Jake on his first official school field trip to the Birmingham Zoo tomorrow.  

While Parker is pulling himself from one end of his classroom to the other (Yes, he's getting really, really skilled at moving himself/gliding along the floor to new locations on his own.) at his preschool and Jim travels to Gadsden for work, Jake and I will be smelling the smells and listening to the sounds of the zoo.   "Will there be lions there, Mommy?!  What will they say to me, Mommy?!  (not pausing for me to actually answer his questions) I know, I know!  We'll see parrots!  Tell me how they'll sound, Mommy!"  A red polo with his school logo on it, endless chatter just like this, and hours of fun are awaiting us tomorrow.  

Forty-five minutes, a few "extra" stops on the "T", "This ride right here is a round of antibiotics waitin' to happen.", and a few miles on foot kept us from taking an actual tour of Fenway Park.

We found Bleacher Bar instead.

We walked right in, walked right up to the two people sitting in these chairs just staring at it...

 and walked right up to just a few feet away from center field.

We also walked into Yawkey Way Store and were asked to cut our shopping spree short of spending any money at all because they were getting ready to close ("I thought the sign said they close at 6...not 5.  Didn't you?").

And I'm getting ready to end this Part: One of Six (or who knows how many) Boston: In Photographs series to rest up for my trip with Jake to the zoo tomorrow.


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