Dear Garage Sale, Oh how you wear me out! But you are so worth it.


When I rang my parents at about three on Saturday afternoon, my dad answered the phone and described to me that my mom basically COA (Collapsed On Arrival).

From the time they got here Friday night until we crashed and then again at five the next morning until noon, none of us stopped moving, lifting, bagging, and finally boxing up the leftovers of what we didn't sell.

Our garage sale has come and gone and so has my family.

It was a huge success and a huge amount of work...but so, so worth it.

And speaking of succes, Parker is having lots of it with learning to drink from a sippy cup.

"Can I have your sippy, Baby?" (tapping it on the tray of his booster). He starts to laugh and so I see his not-just-one-but-three-teeth toothy grin.

If he keeps them spaced out like this until Halloween, I think I'll paint him orange from head to toe and sit him on our front steps with the rest of our pumpkins sporting jagged grills.

"I love you, Parker...and I love all three of your budding wittle toofies."

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