Class Rules


Work quietly.
Follow directions.
Work and play safely.
Respect others' property.
Keep to your own space.
Listen to others.

His first week of K-4 has come and gone, and these are the rules posted in his jungle-themed classroom.

"Mommy! Jentry told me I am his beeeeeest friend!", smiley faces on the pages of his agenda, notes about "...treats taken away at rest time...told him I was writing a note to his Daddy...and settled down after that", bleacher sitting, "I'm proud of you"'s and kisses at drop-off, football, "I learned Spanish today!" You did? What did you learn? "Hola." What does that mean? "Hello.", and face paint are just a few of the high notes of his first five school days of the year.


I have grown from you. To watch you grow is joy. To watch you learn is pure reward. To wake you from your sleep, dress your little body in new clothes and do everything from making you breakfast to brushing your hair to make you ready for this day and walk you into your classroom on your first day of K-4 is a gift. It's the day you've been getting prepared for all Summer long, but yet you still searched for answers, even last night, about whether or not you can take your museum souvenir with you into class and if you'll play with the classmates you've known up until now.

My hopes and prayers for you this year are this: that each day you'll become all the more wiser, disciplined, and confident than you already are...that your friends don't have to find'll find them...that you'll always be a leader but follow the rules...that you'll always do your very best and try, try again if it doesn't work out quite right for you the first time...that your good days will outnumber your bad...and that you'll always know and feel that you are more loved than words can say.

I'm so, so proud of you, Baby! And I hope you have the very best day and year of K-4 that you can possibly have!

With all my love,   ~Mommy

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