Who Ya Gonna Call?


So this was my "Who to Call" list that I made when I was just weeks (or maybe even months) away from Jake's birth day (And yes, I'll forgive you if you think this was completely overdoing it just a little and call me weird or anal right about now. Even I have those thoughts when I look at it now, and I definitely won't get into what my sister had to say about it when she saw it for the first time.).

But just like I do now with Parker (because I seriously sleep an average of four to five hours each night on top of being ordered by my doctor to rest as much as possible), I had lots of time on my hands for the same reasons with Jake (or at least that's my excuse anyway, and it wasn't because I really am capable of being this anal).

Anyway, since I'd like to think I'm as organized this time around (and not feeling like I'm doing everything at the eleventh hour), I figure why not just update this one and use it all over again. 

And as for my sister...well...at least she won't be as surprised this time, right?

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