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After several episodes under my belt of Toddlers & Tiaras...

during their all-day marathon on Thursday, I'm pretty sure I used drama, Prozac, wooden spoon, four year old sucking a pacifier, their makeup looks better than mine ever has, meltdowns, and no amount of money is worth that almost all in one sentence when Jim asked me what in the world I was watching.

And here's a new one...My Strange Addiction.

A woman who eats toilet paper, one who eats laundry detergent, another who sleeps with her hair dryer, and this one who is a non-stop ventriloquist - yeah, it's strange...you hit the nail on the head with that title!

And there is absolutely no way, no how I can leave out the Duggar family.

I'm seriously hoping 2011 will be the year the name of this show will go from 19 Kids & Counting to 19 Kids & No More Counting.

Speaking of 2011, I cannot believe today is the last day of the year 2010! 

I hope your 2010 was as incredible as mine has been, and here's to 2011 (without any of the above TV listings being set to record on my DVR).

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