Hello Saturday!


Holy cow what a fast week this has been!

I have no sure fire answer as to why, though.

Maybe it's because it was actually a short work week for me. Parker and I are now getting our weight gain check on, our blood pressure check on, our urinalysis check on, our heart rate check on, and our growth check on every two weeks now. So Monday was our 32-week appointment for that which means my routine day was cut in half to take care of that business. (All checked out beautifully, by the way).

On Tuesday, we carpooled as a family. It was raining cats and dogs (well, not really, but you knew that), my umbrella has bitten the dust (it will only stay supported by the wire underneath on one side), and Jim didn't have to be at work quite as early as usual since this was technically a "dead" week for his students, so we saved a half gallon of gas (or more...or less...I have no idea...a half gallon just sounded good, I guess), and I didn't have to get soaked or even wear my rain boots.

The rest of the week there were lunch dates, visits to child care facilities for Parker, Christmas gifts bought (Doing Santa's job is a tough one! Lucky him he has parents that help him out. Poor Guy! He'd never get it all done!), haircuts, six loads of laundry, and one Christmas card received in the mail.

Now it's Saturday.

The dryer is running. Jim is trimming our crepe myrtles, and Jake is waiting patiently to help him wash our vehicles. I'm enjoying my TV on in the background, writing "Thank You" cards, throwing away coupons that are expired, handing out popcorn and honey buns, and wondering how I'll end this blog post.

Hope your Saturday is as enjoyable as mine has been so far!

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