Swelling, Stuffing, and Santa


That last couple of nights at our house have been low-key.

Swellin' (kind of sounds like Sue Ellen when I say that real fast. Huh? Anyway...) has become my middle name just this week. My toes look like they belong on another person's feet, and I'm down to one pair of shoes that are work-attire appropriate.  It's weird how this stuff just creeps up on an eight-month pregnant woman all of a sudden (What's also weird is that Parker just kicked me so hard that it made me type a wrong letter. I guess I should have left it just to remember the moment, but I absolutely hate it when I make a typo. Anyway...).  

By low-key I mean there have still been dishes to do, Christmas card envelopes to be stuffed, dogs to feed, toys to be picked up, and teacher's gift sacks to be filled. So it hasn't exactly been the come home, eat dinner, watch a little Survivor or Giuliana & Bill, take a hot bath kind of nights, but believe me, I've been trying.  

But with a "mini me" with boy parts stripping completely naked and getting into my freshly run bathtub of perfect temperature water and  taking a major leak in it, it leaves me to take a shower instead...which means more standing...and standing equals not good for swelling...see what I mean?    And that's just my shower fantasy not coming true.  You can take a guess at how the TV watching and becoming a couch potato for the night go sour.  Sigh...

Speaking of work (but no more about attire, for real), Jake is super glad Santa is hard at work.  I think I mentioned we took him to see him weekend before last.  And since I haven't shared this photo of them together, I will now.

They actually had a really cute conversation.

Once they got introductions out of the way...you know the usual - name, age, stuff like that...it was on to the BIG question.

"Now Jake?  What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?"

The three words that flowed from Jake's lips were exactly what I expected..."Criss Cross Crash!"

They talked about that the infamous Criss Cross Crash for another moment or two, and then Santa asked the second BIG question. 

"So Jake tell Santa.  Have you been a good boy this year?" 

His response, "Ummmmm...(long pause)....yeah!  In that moment and in my head, I heard the record scratch.  Everyone got quiet, and everyone froze except for Santa and I.  I swooped in, looked him in the eye, and said, "Now Santa.  You did catch the part where he told you he is three years old right?  Oh okay, you did.  Well, you've been around a lot longer that I have, so I know YOU know the real answer to your question, right?  But you'll roll with it, won't you?  Whew!  Okay, just checking."  

Santa looked over at me, and noticed Parker (who I decided not to sit on his lap so he would be able walk again once the next twenty kids behind us got through sitting on the same knee), and asked Jake about his baby brother.  Jake told him just as we've been coaching him about his arrival - "He will come after you come to my house and bring me presents."  Santa laughed and asked if he could count on Jake to be a great big brother and helper to Mommy when he came.  Jake nodded his head yes.  I was so melted, I tell you.

Then a few more words were exchanged, a great big hug, and goodbyes. 

I swear, I wished I had had my video camera.  It was truly priceless, and I'll never forget it. 

I hope Jake doesn't either. 

Last but not least...

It's Friday, Ya'll!! 

And Parker and I are shaking our tail feathers!

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