It's Beautiful


I'm now the proud owner of cankles

and Parker somehow gained seven pounds in the last two weeks...

but it's beautiful!

The hair on my belly is actually visible (and measurable for that matter) in places,

my legs get (partially) shaved once a week (if they're lucky),

and my belly button is just about no where to be found (although I hear it cry out for help ever so often so I know it's there some where)...

but it's beautiful!

My boobs are able to rest on the ledge (a.k.a. my abdomen) that catches crumbs from my breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

and my ribs have become punching bags...

but it's beautiful!

Collecting a urine sample isn't as easy as it used to be,

and I put my socks and shoes on like a man...

but it's beautiful!

You can hear not just one heartbeat, but two, beating from the walls of my body,

and I've contemplated buying stock in Palmer's cocoa butter lotion ...

but it's beautiful!

I've experienced a miracle first hand all over again...

And It's Beautiful!

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