Rewinding and Counting Down with the Crimson Tide


I can't believe I haven't started doing a countdown yet to the start of the new season of the National Champions.

Because by the looks of him...then and now...he's definitely counting (literally, he's counting everything - sheep on the pages of his books, his set of four dinosaurs who somehow manage to stick to the walls and ceiling when he throws them against it, matchbox cars he lines up along the side of the bathtub every single night...).

Maybe it's because for the past two nights I've been sewing the fourteen yards of fabric I picked out and bought for Parker's room (Drapes...check!). Or maybe it's because in the back of my mind, I know I have months and months of it coming up.

Either way, my Better Half and my Baby...Excuse "Big Boy" because he has nearly banned me from calling him "my baby" altogether (Little does he know I'll be calling him "my baby" long after this Earth is not my home because that's just what he is.) are waiting on pins and needles for the first game of the season this Saturday.

And I have this feeling, as I continue to become "outnumbered" by the males in our family, Saturdays in the Fall will always revolve around the sport and the team they love so much!

So who else is ready for some football?

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