Game Day and Labor Day


This past weekend, Jim and I were left all alone.

Jake somehow scored a stay at his Grandma and Grandpa's house starting Thursday night (I think it was because he asked them oh probably seven or more times while they were here last weekend to help us celebrate Jim's 40th birthday).

While he was there, he managed to log his first 12-minute flight with his Grandpa (Yes, in a real airplane.), earn ten dollars in cash (How? I still don't have the answer. For all I know it was just because he asked.), and bring home a gallon size ziploc bag half full of cars (one with a remote control even) from his Great Aunt Linda.

And while Jake was playing hard with his cousin Emily, sporting his UA football jersey, and tossing his football with his Aunt Cathy and Grandpa, Jim and I were here doing a little bit of just about everything.

Let's see...we shopped in Birmingham, shopped in Tuscaloosa, pay-per-viewed the Crimson Tide season opener, cleaned our house from top to bottom, stayed up super late, went out to eat whenever we wanted and wherever we wanted (namely Outback and Cracker Barrel), and accomplished our own individual projects. For Jim those projects included making the tub in our bathroom no longer look like a disaster zone (Now, it looks as if the ring incident never happened.), and as for me, well, I spent nearly seven hours sewing the crib skirt for Parker's bed.

By Labor Day, we were all back together under the same roof - just in time to eat at Chick-fil-A for breakfast and spend more than enough time in Toys-R-Us. We definitely didn't "labor" very much yesterday...which is what the day is all about.

I think Labor Day should take place at least once a week. there's an idea I like! I seriously wonder who could make that the new rule.

Not that it would ever fly, but you can't blame a working girl for trying right?

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