I have to admit it's my daily read.

I just have to.

I need my celebrity scoop, and I look forward to it.

Most of the time, I'm not really surprised by what I see (because I'm prepared for pretty much the craziest of stories), but I never go un-amazed when I read some of this stuff (if that makes any sense).

Like this for example...

I'm not really or completely surprised by the fact that this dad of six was arrested. 

After all, I've seen the show.

But what does surprise me, is the fact that he was actually smiling in his mug shot as if he had just found out he had won a free trip to the Caribbean.


And Carrie Underwood...

Who doesn't think she is one of the most classic and breathtakingly beautiful people that has been born?  I'm amazed by the fact that I never see a bad photo of her.  I seriously think she wakes up and looks just as timeless and beautiful as she does right here (I'm also inspired to go platinum blonde at my next salon visit after seeing this just so you know).

Oh Kate...

I'm just not sure what to say...

or maybe I mean what not to say.

There's just so much ground to cover with her. 

What I'm really missing is her performances on Dancing With The Stars. Thank goodness for video clips on YouTube, right?

At least now she's certain that she's "in the best shape" of her life, and she's waiting for Mr. Right.

Hopefully he hasn't seen any episode that has ever aired of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Otherwise, I'm thinking he may never come along.

And last but not least...

How does he go from being so unknown and living a "normal" life in New Jersey to earning thousands of dollars on an MTV reality TV show and for making appearances at night clubs, and now to being a celebrity guest on Dancing With The Stars?

See what I mean?

Never un-amazed!

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