The Glory of Love


Today when I got in my car to drive home from work, this song was playing loud and proud on my radio.

And let me just tell you. It just does something for me. The words. Peter Cetera's voice. Oh Baby! It makes me want to sing along as loud as I can...makes my heart beat a little faster...takes me back in time to when I was almost ten years old.

Can anyone say The Karate Kid II...Mr. Miyagi...Kumiko...Daniel LaRusso...Ralph Macchio?

And even though I definitely wasn't of dating age when this song was rocking the number fourteen spot on Casey Kasem's American Top 40, believe me when I say, this song and the dream of a love like Daniel's and Kumiko's was definitely playing over and over in my mind.


  1. I love me some Peter Cetera, too! This song always takes me back!

    Funny story about it, though. My parents listened to Chicago a lot, back in the day that Peter Cetera sang lead vocals for them. So when my aunt took me & my brothers to see Karate Kid II in the theatre, when the credits were rolling and this song was playing, we were walking out and I was so excited that I just KNEW this song was by Chicago! I mean, I told everyone that would listen that I KNEW who sang that song. Not much later, I learned that it wasn't Chicago that sang fact, it was "just" Peter Cetera, and I felt absolutely awful that I had lied to everyone at the theatre. Even if it was an accidental mistake, I beat myself up over that "lie" for weeks.

    Ha! Funny what you remember, isn't it?

  2. Oh that's just too funny! Bless your heart, though. :( I'm sure they figured it out eventually. :)