Saturday For Two...or Four


Besides thinking about and pondering the fact that this past Saturday was September 11th, Jake and I spent the entire day together, just he and I.

After we were in and out of Lowe's, Anders Toy Store, Baby Bundles and Sugarfoot's (Yeah, Jake actually opted to sit in the car on that last one. And I truly wish you could have seen his face and heard his response when I told him we had one more stop to make - "Mommy, I just really want to sit in the car. I will just wait right here for you. You'll be back in a minute, right?"), we came home and both got busy doing this...

bathing the shelties that share our address.

Jake was definitely a huge help.

Actually this was his idea, so honestly he didn't have a choice.

I swear I wouldn't have let him cop out on me even if he had tried.

But obviously it didn't take long for him to turn the water away from Belle and onto the grass, his Army men that I bought an hour earlier, the driveway, the shrubs, and of course...


Yep! By the time we were all done here, our Saturday had definitely become a day not just for two...

but four!

P.S. Ivey declined to be photographed and sends her regrets a) because she's terrified of water except for the kind that stands still in her water bucket waiting to be licked and b) she has a habit of leaping from the tub if I manage to get six inches away from it at any given moment.

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