New Habits


New habits are definitely forming around here, and they have everything to do with Alabama football.

Take for example, Jake's new obsession with his football jersey.

He wakes from his sleep each morning and bursts through the door each afternoon with this 100% polyester, crimson, pull-over, bearing the number 14 and multiple Nike swooshes, on his brain.

He literally must know where it is at all times, and almost completely (other than growing at least three feet, six inches and gaining 200 plus pounds) transforms into another human being.

This jersey means he's a football player (and that I can't call him my baby anymore because babies don't play football - obviously this his opinion...not mine).

It means he gets into a stance as if he's about to tackle an opponent who's crouched right in front of him and yells, "Hike, hike!" as loudly as he can.

It also means there's a lot of running up and down the longest hallway in our home and rolling into the carpet as if he's just reached the end zone.

And so now I'm wondering.

Should this new habit of him wearing the same exact shirt every single day be incorporated into his preschool wardrobe? would definitely cut down on my laundry volume...and make it easy to decide what he should wear each day...hmmmm...

3 days and counting!

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