The P's Have It!


Progress is definitely being made around here, and it feels awesome! Last week, I finally took the plunge and purchased the paint for one of our bedrooms. Actually, it's the bedroom that will be Jake's little brother's in less than five months. The color is Latte, and it looks exactly like it sounds. It's the most perfect shade of creamy brown, and I'm in love!

This past week, we also celebrated a birthday. Jake's is in February, and mine is in November, so that only leaves one person...Jim. He turned the big 4-0! He was with me when I bought his gifts several weeks ago (Honestly, I've quit even trying to surprise him. Any story of me trying to surprise him usually ends with me at the merchandise counter making a return. Or like this past Thursday with me covering Jake's mouth to keep him from telling Jim that we had put lots of black balloons and a homemade card in his vehicle to surprise him that morning when he left for work. See what I mean?). And instead of any sort of party, we opted for a lunch date, specially decorated cupcakes from Publix, and Jake singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out the candles over and over - because any time any one has a birthday, it's his designated responsibility to steal any opportunity for a birthday wish. Sigh.

And while I'm on the subject of Jake, I have to say I have never needed more restrain and patience in my life as I did on Friday. That night I was taking a bath. I realized that before I got in I forgot to take off my wedding band, so I laid it on the side of the tub. It was all me - relaxing, bubbles floating around me, candles burning, so quiet and peaceful - yeah, I knew you wouldn't believe that. I didn't believe me either, but it was nice to see that all typed out. was our usual scenario - Jake throwing things into the tub, me dodging them, and telling him over and over, "No, Baby, you can't get in here. I'm shaving my legs, and there is hair everywhere! I really don't want you to get in it. You really need to take a bath in your bathtub tonight." He had some of his matchbox cars (which is also usual), and he was busy rolling them back and forth as I removed the massive amounts of hair from underneath my arms (definitely so true what they say about hair growth and pregnancy). I was only paying attention to his sounds and him talking about his cars. It was not until he told me, "Mommy, I put your thing in there!" that he got my undivided attention. My eyes got wide, my mouth flew open, and I immediately looked to find my wedding band was not sitting on the edge of the tub where I had laid it ten minutes before. I remember hearing some clanging, and I knew then exactly what he had done. Two nights before he had managed to slip one of his cars in between the marble piece that covers up the "insides" of the tub and the tub itself. The gap underneath the lip of the tub and the marble front was just wide enough for him to fit his three-year old sized hand underneath there and drop his car...and now my wedding band. Right now may also be the perfect time for me to tell you, that the only way to get to the insides of the tub is to remove this front piece (glue and all that holds it in place) and do it (hopefully) without breaking it into four pieces (or more). I screamed for Jim as if I had just seen a twelve-foot snake, and he came running. I finished my shaving chore, and gave him full access to rescue my jewelry (and Jake's matchbox car...he might as well, right, since he's in there). It took nearly an hour and a half and lessons learned for Jake and I both, but all's well that ends well. It's definitely safe to say I won't lay my jewelry any place where he can get his hands on it - not that he ever wants to see my jewelry again after his punishment.

My parents also came to visit this weekend to celebrate Jim's birthday. They brought Jim's BBQ (my Jim's favorite), my niece, Emily, and carrot cake. Needless to say, they were welcomed with open arms. They spent the day with us on Saturday, and it was wonderful (especially the carrot cake).

And in case you've been wondering what these photos are of sidewalk chalk drawings, it's the name we've picked for the new baby set to arrive in January...


It's a family name for Jim, and most of all, one we love equally!

And since I do believe I'm all out of P's for this post...


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