Look Who's Growing!


One week ago yesterday, (Did I say that right? Maybe I should just say last Monday? You can tell I had plans to post this last night, but the male members of my family decided what they needed to do with our home computer was more important: i.e. Jim - scanning and e-mailing documents to Bank of America and Jake - playing his favorite games on NickJr.) we got to see the latest addition to our family on ultrasound.

As you can tell, he's just a little bit "super-sized" in these photos. 

This ultrasound was what I call "the big one" in which he was beyond the twenty-week gestational age, and everything from his brain to his toes can be looked at in full and complete detail.

Here he is just waiting for me to install suction cups all over his body so he can stick to mine and never leave, to play football with his male family members who stole my computer from me last night, to cry on my shoulders all hours of the day and night, to crash cars with his big brother Jake (and, of course, that's in his own words), and to leap into the arms of his proud Grandma and Grandpa. 

He is absolutely perfect and healthy.

He is fearfully and wonderfull made (Psalm 139:14).

He is thirteen whole ounces big (Well, actually that was over a week ago.  So by now I could probably say he's a whole one pound big...or bigger based on the way he moves my entire abdomen inside and out when he kicks).

He is scheduled to be "seen" again on October 28th to measure his growth and progress and mine as well (My ultrasound tech found what appears to be a scar on my uterus from my previous c-section, so Dr. Waller wants to monitor that closely as well as Parker to make sure we are both growing as we should be from this point on.).

He is very, very, very (Okay, I'll quit.  I could say "very" like ten thousand times.) loved!

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