This blog is so full of it!

Well...in photographs anyway. After all, a chick is doing all of the writing.


Today, I thought I would remedy that and show you some recent photos I snapped of my niece, Emily.

I took in nearly the same spot where my sister drove our two pride-and-joys on my dad's junker riding lawnmower.

It was the month before she turned 5.

But my sister thinks she looks like she's 7 in this one.

I agree. And I think it has everything to do with her smile.

I'll also agree to the fact that she can make a plain old field of grass look way better than my dog, Nate, used to when I took pictures of him sitting next to fresh bales of hay.

When I think about it, not having to watch our step in fear that might we land ourselves in a major present one of the cows had left for us was way better too!

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