Today…I have none.

But I need some.

I want some.

I’m hoping I’ll get a second wind by tonight and accomplish as much as I did last night.

It started with me cutting the grass (I rode while my dad pushed the back yard and all the other little parts I couldn’t get to with our riding lawn mower). Then I pulled down every storage bin in Jake’s closet (other than the few that I know are for sure keepsake items that I’ll never part with), and started a major organization overhaul and “let’s get rid of this because it’s too stained to ever be worn again and besides he’s outgrown it anyway” redo of his closet. I even went as far as tossing out old underwear and socks. I’m so proud! Only now I have to convince Jim that all of these things are definitely out the door and that I’ll need his help with a major yard sale in the next few months. He’s more of a, “I’ll give it to someone who needs it or someone I know before I’ll sell it for nothing to a complete stranger.” He’s so helpful this way. Not! But I love him no less. And I miss him so terribly even though he is already giving me a hard time about my non-packrat habits.

And since I have blogged in over four days, I guess it’s about time to update you on what we’ve been doing these past 96 plus hours.

Jake I left home on Friday afternoon. I decided on a whim to go home to my parent’s house a whole two days earlier than what I had planned. I picked Jake up from school, went home to pack, and we hit the open road with dogs in tow. Our weekend consisted of lots of co-sleeping (I was just too tired to care), Jake destroying a few pieces to a brand new game my mom had just bought for he and Emily to play, him crying because Emily ripped an earring from him ear (my response…Well Baby, boys really aren’t meant to wear earrings anyway, so that’s what you get), two shopping excursions (after all, it wouldn’t be a good weekend without shopping involved), me waiting patiently (at times, impatiently) for Jim to call (he was in Scotland playing golf at St. Andrews…the Old Course…needless to say, he is one happy camper), my dad celebrating his 66th birthday, playing Spinners the fam, and eating home-cooked meals.

Yesterday, I had a routine doctor’s visit. Yes, my doctor wondered where I had been. Yes, I confessed everything. No, he didn’t seem surprised. He’s probably seen it all right about now in his career. He was just happy to see me, no matter how long it had been, and to know that all things are going beautifully. He also mentioned that what he loves most about his “business” is that he gets to witness miracles. And that’s what I love most about him…he sees this new life as a miracle.

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