Camping 102:


Search for Food from Your Environment and Explore Your Surroundings

With fishing poles, tackle box, and squiggly worms in hand, we set out to see just how many fish Jim and Jake could catch.

Or maybe...just maybe...we would catch the shark that Jake was still certain was out there waiting for him to reel in.

And oh yeah...this net was going to hold him when he caught him.

Fortunately for all of us (and everyone else in the park come to think of it), this net never scooped up a shark.

But what it did hold was many, bright, plastic lures that Jake managed to hold onto the rest of the day. Nope! He never even lost one. In fact, I think two of the neon green ones that match the shirt he's wearing are hanging out on our garage floor right now.

Of course the attempt to catch regular, edible, non-dangerous types of fish continued for...




And even when one nothing was biting in one area of the lake, it didn't stop Jim from searching out a much farther and quieter place to try and catch at least one fish.

No...discouragement didn't get this one down. He kept moving all around the lake, going where no man should go...literally. I think he could have gotten in trouble for doing this...or at least hurt.

Sadly for Jim and Jake, I think this next photo says it all when it comes to what we was on our dinner plates that night...not that we would have eaten anything different anyway (Who am I kidding?). But the look on Jake's face would have been priceless if they had managed to pull at least one fish out of the water. Sniff, sniff.

Oh, well. Better luck next time, right?

And at least we got to see this while we waited for Jim ever so patiently to fish (And believe me, it wasn't a hard thing to do...wait for Jim. Not with scenery like this...and of course a million puddles of water to splash in and rocks to climb on.).

The next morning, we got up, ate a hearty breakfast (McDonald's hot cakes and much for roughing in on that meal), and went to Little River Canyon.

It was just up the road...about 7 miles from Desoto State Park.

And it was equally another great place to explore...

get our feet wet...

and smile lots and lots.

Camping 102: ....A+ for the Landers Family!

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