Camping 101:


Pick Out Your Campsite of Choice and Set Up the Campsite


Sounds like a plan to me!

So that's exactly what we did this past Saturday when we arrived at Desoto State Park at around 10am.

We scouted out every single spot that was available to us, and at last...

Number 9 it was!

Ahhh...Number 9. No, it's not necessarily a "lucky" number. There's really nothing special about it per se'. But it was level...and available...and was really quite large compared to the majority of our choices.

So we snagged it and got super busy immediately unloading an entire truck bed full of equipment, food, first aid supplies, wet ones (like those were going to do any good when every inch of square footage around us was a little thing called dirt), and most importantly, the 3 containers of OFF! I figured we were going to need just to survive (and also keep me from zipping myself into our tent and refusing to come out).

Speaking of the tent...

that was next on our list of "Things to Do".

Jim whipped out the directions and got right down to it.

And of course, Jake was there waiting to help.

He mostly stood with his arms folded asking over and over again if he could help. Great thing for him (and all of us for that matter...after hearing him ask at least 30 times), Jim was able to give him several "jobs" to do.

And before we both knew it (and after I had put my camera down a few times to lend my helping hands)...


The tent was up and ready to house 3 sleepy people when the time came (which wasn't very long because we all ended up taking a good nap later that afternoon).

And so began our first and extremely fun and exciting 24 hours of camping, a true roughing-it, outdoors experience that we've been waiting for the opportunity to do for months now.

The repeated reminders to Jake that there is to be absolutely No running! also began, literally within the first hour we were there.

Actually, I think the tent was up completely for no more than 10 minutes when this happened...

Oh yes! My baby took a flying leap when his camo croc hit part of a tree's trunk that was sticking up out of the ground.

The sad part about all of this was the fact I wasn't trying capture this moment on camera - it honestly just happened - I was truly trying just to get a picture of our tent in all its completed glory - but I admittedly laughed until I cried when I realized that I got this shot. I just couldn't help but think of the stuffed flying squirrels we had just seen at the Country Store when we checked in.

I mean really.

Look at him!

Both his arms and feet are completely off the ground and in the air like he's doing a take off or something. I just couldn't help myself!

Of course, I wasn't laughing when I was helping him up, and I definitely wasn't laughing when I was dragging out the neosporin and bandaids I had brought with us (At that point, I was patting myself on the back in my mind for being so smart to think of it and giving myself serious brownie points on that one.).

Unfortunately, this was the first, and it wasn't the last of scrapes and bruises or the last time I whipped out the neosporin and bandaids. Heck, even I ended up needing them. I somehow managed to slam my finger in the truck door in the dark.

Come to think of it...maybe that was my punishment for laughing at my sweet baby boy being caught on camera as he was flying through the air about to make a crash landing on hard ground.

It was still funny, though. Sorry, Buddy! Hopefully one day you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.

Up next...

Camping 102: Search for Food from Your Environment and Explore Your Surroundings

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